Kick Can't-cer

Through her own personal experiences with cancer, our co-founder Tiah recognizes the importance of focusing on the whole person and not just the disease during cancer treatment. To that end, we provide cancer warriors with the education and support they need to help KICK CAN'T-CER! We use a variety of approaches and cancer support programs to work toward that goal.

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Care Kits

So much of becoming and staying cancer-free is based on your lifestyle choices. We provide patients with unique Kick Can’t-cer Care Kits, which include natural personal care and household items as well as organic and non-GMO snacks and beverages.

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Financial Aid Guidance

Financial assistance is one of the most immediate needs for most cancer patients. Our experienced team can help you get the assistance you need by finding and applying for various programs.

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Warrior Wednesdays

Survivor stories are therapeutic and beneficial for the survivors and their audience of patients and caregivers alike. That is why we recently kicked off Warrior Wednesdays, a series of informal Facebook Live interviews with cancer survivors on our Facebook page.

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5K Suit Run

The 5K Suit Run is our key fundraising event. We’re hard at work planning for our next run. This event focuses on raising donations as well as raising awareness for prostate cancer as our participants proudly compete in full suits and ties. As another way to give back to the community, our 5K Suit Run includes a suit donation drive. We clean the suits and provide them to veterans who are preparing for interviews to enter the work force.

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Lifestyle Education

As beneficial as it can be to have the right tools for a healthy lifestyle, you also need to know how to use them. We offer specialized education services to teach you how the foods you eat and activities you perform will impact your health, along with actionable advice you can use to jumpstart your healthier lifestyle.

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Free Care Services and Fashion Accessories

Feeling confident in yourself goes a long way toward enhancing your health. To help you with that goal, we offer vouchers for free haircuts, beauty workshops, through our community partners, as well as scarves, wigs and other items.

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My Breast Years Ahead

There’s a crucial emotional component to the cancer journey. While our team is happy to help people with any type of cancer, we’re particularly proud of our peer-to-peer Facebook group for women in the Greater Atlanta area who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer called My Breast Years Ahead. So whether you are a patient, survivor, thriver, warrior or victor, feel free to apply to be a member of this group.

To learn more about how you can either benefit from or support any of these services, reach out to My Style Matters.