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About Our Community

My Style Matters is dedicated to providing a cancer educational program and hands-on supportive services to build confidence in people of all ages, leading to a better quality of life.

My Style Matters, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. One of our primary missions is to ease the journey for people with cancer as well as their caretakers. In addition, we provide specialized etiquette classes that allow kids to build their confidence and skills.


As a cancer survivor herself, our co-founder, Tiah, has first-hand experience with the cause. She knows the many ways cancer patients and their caretakers can benefit from the help of a supportive community. This was her inspiration for starting one of our two key programs: Kick Can’t-cer.

Kick Can’t-cer is a multi-pronged approach to helping cancer patients and caregivers. We provide healthy personal care kits along with healthy lifestyle education, confidence-building wigs and scarves, financial assistance planning services, and much more.


Our second program, The Art of Etiquette, spreads joy and community building in another way. Through this program, we team up with Atlanta Public Schools and other organizations to teach kids etiquette and social skills. Along the way, we also give our students an outlet for artistic expression.

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Shawn Lovings

Shawn Lovings has established himself as a standout in Atlanta’s business community and he’s dedicated to using his success and his natural skills to give back.

Shawn earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Jackson State University in Advertising & Communication with a strong emphasis in the Arts. After building a background in marketing and sales in the food and beverage industry, he transitioned to the print media industry, working for an upscale magazine where he rose through the ranks to become general manager.

He launched his own company in 2003 and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since, in addition to serving the local youth as a substitute teacher for the Clayton County School System. Shawn gives back to the community as an active member in several organizations. He volunteers with Hands on Atlanta and Hosea Feed the Hungry, while also serving as Marketing and Advertising Director for KingStreets, LLC, an economic community and human development web portal which provides references, resources, and support to those in need. In addition, Shawn is an active board member for Mothers Rebuilding Atlanta as well as a Fundraiser and Sponsorship Chairperson for the National Black Arts Festival. As the co-founder of My Style Matters, Shawn leverages his passion for cultivating a professional image to help others in the community regain their confidence and find success. As the 2006 Best Dressed Man in America for Esquire Magazine, Shawn uses fashion as a tool to guide young adults to recognize that appearance and first impressions do matter in a business environment.

Tiah Tomlin

In June 2015, Tiah Tomlin was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (or can’t-cer, as she prefers to call it). After recognizing the gaps in resources and supportive services through her own experience, Tiah vowed to be part of the solution. She co-founded My Style Matters, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Atlanta, GA.

Her mission is to provide emotional and practical support for cancer patients and their caregivers. Tiah’s efforts to provide strength for vulnerable survivors fighting cancer have been nationally recognized. She was selected to participate in the Cancer Moonshot Summit with former Vice President Joe Biden. She is an advisory team member and chapter leader for HealingStrong™, a renowned network of health-related support groups. Tiah also participates in the Check It Out! program to help educate high school girls about breast care, and she was chosen to be a Young Program Advocate for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

In addition, Tiah serves on the Patient Advisory Board for AstraZeneca and is a sought-after guest speaker for various community events and conferences nationwide. Tiah was also selected to sit on the steering committee for the 2018 Im-Patient Summit with Eye for Pharma and has joined forces with the National Coalition for Cancer Survivors to advocate for the Cancer Communications and Planning Act on Capitol Hill. She is a proud member of the Diversity Initiatives Steering Committee with the Cancer Support Community. As a result of her advocacy work, Tiah has received a host of awards including G.W. Bush’s Point of Light Award and the Diamond of Hope Award from the Atlanta Braves.

Tiah is currently enrolled in a cancer coaching program and has graduated from the Project Lead Institute with the National Breast Cancer Coalition, where she expanded her knowledge about the science behind breast cancer. She has dedicated herself to being a change agent and a community advocate by fighting against cancer, increasing awareness, speaking out about prevention, encouraging people to take action for their health, and giving people hope.