My Style Matters

A community support system for cancer survivors and confidence-building.

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Patient Support

Our well-rounded program for cancer patients includes care packages, healthy lifestyle education, and more.

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Between our co-founders Tiah and Shawn and our network of helpers, we strive to be a resource for local kids and people affected by cancer.

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Lifestyle Education

Our knowledgeable organization helps you learn how to live a healthier lifestyle that supports a cancer-free life.

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Etiquette Skills

We bring confidence and social skills to local youth through etiquette education and artistic expression.

What We Do

Art of Etiquette

A successful and fulfilling adulthood starts in childhood. That’s why our Art of Etiquette program gives kids the tools and knowledge to become well-mannered and sophisticated citizens from an early age.


Through our specially-designed classes, we go into Atlanta’s school system along with other settings to teach etiquette, dining decorum, and social manners to kids of all ages.


Our goal is to help kids hold their heads high and gain confidence as well as learn practical skills they can apply throughout their entire lives.

My Style Matters co-founder, Shawn Lovings, with a group of children holding certificated in a classroom who have recently completed the Art of Etiquette class.

Kick Can't-cer Program

Your cancer journey is so much more than a schedule of treatments. In truth, it impacts every aspect of your life from finances to confidence.


At My Style Matters, our goal for our Kick Can't-cer cancer support program is to support you in each of these areas. Through a variety of programs that center around your personal style and your lifestyle, our goal is to make your cancer journey easier whether you’re a patient or a caretaker.


We’re here to guide you in your journey and to help you remember that through it all, your confidence and your style matters.

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Kick Can't-cer has been a resourceful tool of knowledge from holistic to conventional medicine. Tiah is my sister for life as she has such an awesome disposition and knowledge of the my disease process (breast cancer). She is such a “solid” individual that is consistent with her willingness to give back to the community in so many ways. I am grateful that she has been placed in my life through her passion with coming out and networking, along with advocating for those whom are truly underrepresented and misunderstood. Knowledge is the key and to have a foundation or person due some of the legwork for you is a blessing.

Ayanna (Survivor)

Hampton, GA

I remember going to the My Style Matters  photo shoot. It was interesting to go from  wearing jeans every day to putting on a suit. It really made me feel like the young  gentleman that I am. My mother is a stylist and she told me about the shoot for the book, and at the same time I was like “ma do I really have to put on a suit?” We get to the shoot and I found it to be kind of alright- I had never really worn a suit and was really feeling the look and my style. I felt like a new young man. Then Shawn was the big inspiration because you know this is what he does St. Louis style suits and hard bottoms. He was styling already when we got to the shoot, he had on his Gucci shoes and slacks, shirt tucked and stylish. It was fun, I felt good about myself, and it was a great experience. I got to admit I was looking kind of debonair.

Kahlil (Art of Etiquette)

Atlanta, GA

It's not always that you find a person gives a much as you do more the cause! Your blessing with with the wellness weekend has help me take a break after from the everyday life that comes becomes hard on the journey. I got to stop breathe relate release and educate myself on things that allow me to live. Thanks for your dedicated and service.

Charlisa (Warrior)

Lithonia, GA

Shawn is a family friend that has had an enormous influence on my life as I’ve matured from a young man to a grown man. As a man of action, his influence as a mentor comes not only from what he says, but more importantly from what he does. He lives his life with no limits and no boundaries; which I can say has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from him. As I’m navigating my path through the triumphs and tribulations of life, Shawn has constantly been a source of wisdom as we discuss everything from finances to fashion. It’s truly an honor to have Shawn as a mentor and I plan to pay homage for his influence on my life by reaching back to young men in my community and make sure that I do everything I can to help push them forward.

Daryl (Art of Etiquette)

Chicago, IL

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  I reached out for support in many groups.  Many were cliques and new people were politely greeted but not truly welcome to be a part.  That has not been the case with My Breast Years Ahead.  This group seeks and shares opportunities to live life to the fullest .  Members are encouraged to gather, support, and receive blessings in the community.  We are educated and provided with knowledge which is power over the dx of cancer.  Many of the participants are young therefore the   program focus is varied. Topics including job loss, wellness, intimacy, finances, clinical trials, pharmacology, and the transitions of terminal cancer are all explored.  I believe this group  is comprehensive.  You do not find judgement, you receive much more than you give and are encouraged to share and bring others into the fold.  The atmosphere is friendly, nurturing, and real.  No candy coating , pie in the sky.  Real issues, real solutions, real areas where we can support one another.  My Breast Years are ahead! 

Tonya (Thriver)

Atlanta, GA

I learned many things from Shawn. The most important thing I learned was how to take care of your

business. For example, finishing your homework before you go hang with friends or play video games.

We also talked about taking initiative to do things without being told, like taking out the trash without my mom telling me to. While I was with him I learned what it means to dress right. While we were picking out clothes at K&G, I asked him about style he told me things that were very useful. I never knew how to coordinate my shirts and ties and that you can have fun with socks as long as they work with the suit. When you’re in school teachers always tell you to do your work and do well for your future. Most kids do. But how does that really apply you when you’re older? Handling your business is probably the most important thing, next to your family. I learned how it applies to life when I was learning what the book was about.

While we went to get the clothes, I learned what it really meant to have swagger. That it’s not walking around with your pants hanging at your knees, but knowing how to dress for how you want people to see you. There were many things that I learned while working on the photo shoot, like how to choose what shoes to wear with what outfit. He also taught me about what colors go good on a person. Most importantly I learned that you create your style, don’t let anyone else create it for you. My Style really does Matter.

Destin (My Style Matters)


I had the pleasure of meeting Tiah and being invited to join My Breast Years Ahead just one day before my last chemo treatment in April 2017! I was ecstatic that day to say the least but I couldn’t help but wish I had met her sooner. Nevertheless, I still have a long journey ahead. In spite of surgical complications having occurred after meeting Tiah that have set my recovery back many months, I’ve been constantly encouraged to “Live My Breast Life” through resources, information and events that I have had the pleasure to participating in as a result of being a part of My Breast Years Ahead. Being in the company of other women like myself, who have been there, done that, or even may be in the midst like myself is invaluable. No one knows better than someone who’s walked in your shoes. Meeting others like myself, with the spirit of warriors, who not only have a will to survive but thrive has been the greatest gift. I’ve been so inspired by Tiah’s efforts that I’m volunteering and paying it forward to others as much as I can. I may have been diagnosed with can’tcer but it definitely does not have me!

LaVonne (Warrior)

Fayetteville, GA