The Art of Etiquette

The Art of Etiquette is a specially designed etiquette course created by our co-founder Shawn Lovings. As a renowned entrepreneur, Shawn knows an education in manners and social skills gives kids a leg up in life. To work toward that goal, he partners with Atlanta Public Schools and other organizations to make this a reality. The program teaches etiquette for kids while also incorporating artistic instruction.

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Attire Lessons

We teach children how to make a strong first impression by maintaining a professional image with their attire.

My Style Matters co-founder, Shawn Lovings, with a group of children holding certificated in a classroom who have recently completed the Art of Etiquette class.
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Art Classes

To further enhance the children’s futures and emotional well-being, we incorporate artistic elements into our classes as well.

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Dining Etiquette

Through our partnerships with the Atlanta Public Schools, we’re proud to provide an opportunity for young boys and girls alike to learn essential manners and etiquette skills, including etiquette tutorials for dining.

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Future Development

In addition to being practical skills every child needs, we believe in the power of etiquette and attire to give kids the confidence and hope they need to jumpstart a successful and fulfilling adulthood.


Contact My Style Matters to find out more about The Art of Etiquette, discuss a partnership with your school or organization, or learn how you can contribute.

Image of book "Mind Your Manners with Mr. Lovings" written by My Style Matters co-founder Shawn Lovings

Mind Your Manners Book

To bring etiquette education to even more kids throughout the country, Shawn has written his own book that will be hitting the shelves soon. You can pre-order this bookMind Your Manners with Mr. Lovings.